Border Control System

Designed for Government and Authorities

Securiport Border Control System

The Border Control System is part of Securiport’s Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) / Civil Aviation System, which is a comprehensive platform designed to efficiently and comprehensively collect and store data from each traveler, including identity and travel documents, multi-modal biometrics (face, fingerprint, and iris) and other data required by government policy. By establishing and verifying the identity of travelers through biometrics and travel document data, BCS connects and integrates all known information about the traveler and executes threat detection processes in real time to give the officer all the information they require to make their clearance decision.

The BCS system supports both manned and automated processing through Terminals, Kiosks, and eGates to provide a smooth flow of legitimate travelers while contributing to the overall safety and integrity of a nation’s borders. Continuous advancements in technology and information-sharing mechanisms enhance the effectiveness of the Border Control System, promoting a balance between traveler experience and security measures, facilitating international travel.


Uses advanced algorithms to detect identity fraud and threats to provide rigorous, comprehensive, and efficient collection and processing at entry and exit points.

Collects multimodal biometrics and travel document data automatically and securely.

Improves civil aviation security, in addition to land and sea border security, by promptly identifying individuals and connecting their data across journeys.

The Terminal application supports the tasks performed by the civil aviation or immigration authorities to collect data from travelers at a security or border checkpoint. It is specially designed to rapidly collect documents, biometrics, and biographic information while ensuring quality and completeness, and to execute all required checks in real-time.

ABC provides the capacity for traveler self-service processing, while maintaining rigorous identification, validation, and background checks using advanced hardware and software for automated processing with human oversight. From eGates to Kiosks and other enrollment management technologies, the ABC enables a convenient and modern traveler experience using advanced automated processing, while providing the authorities with the necessary oversight and monitoring of the process in real time.

Frictionless corridor with the capabilities to interactively identify, validate and process travelers attempting to cross borders. By using their facial biometrics, travelers can be processed by immigration officers rapidly and seamlessly. Travelers will be able to prove their identity and meet the requirements for travel prior to departure and then identify themselves at each border touchpoint through a convenient, accurate face recognition process.

VRS identifies vehicles and occupants as they enter or exit facilities, restricted areas and even borders, enabling authorities to control and manage the process. With a focus on security, efficiency, and user-friendliness, our solution offers a modernized and improved experience for all stakeholders involved in the vehicle registration ecosystem.

Securiport’s baggage inspection system is a sophisticated combination of hardware and software providing 3D luggage scans with clear and color imaging that can be used in airports, transportation hubs, and high-security facilities to ensure the safety and security of passengers and personnel. These machines employ advanced imaging technology to screen the contents of luggage and identify any potential threats or prohibited/denied items concealed within.

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