Designed for Government and Authorities

Securiport APIS PLUS

A product for the Passenger Information Manager product serves as the “single window” between the government and the transport companies. Securiport also provides the PIU software to analyze in real time various data points of the traveler for risk assessment.

Authorities use Passenger Information Manager system to collect and manage Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data to:
• Ensure the transport companies are compliant with policy,
• Analyze and act upon this data to identify potential security risks,
• Collect, process, and share information about passengers traveling to and from a particular destination.

The APIS PLUS system is a software product designed to securely transmit data to government agencies to assist in their efforts in identifying potential security risks and ensure compliance with immigration and customs regulations. Given its advanced system, Securiport assists in the establishment of a Passenger Information Unit (PIU), which is an organization that analyzes passenger data received from multiple modes of transportation (including air, maritime, and land) to detect potential threats, share information, and ensure transport companies’ compliance with policy. The system processes and analyzes API and PNR data and monitors the traveler manifests on arriving and departing flights to correlate all information against alerts originating from watchlists, Interpol, the IIMS person-of-interest profiles, and CriTrace™ and ReTrax™ search results.


Accurately collect and verify passenger information in advance of arrival reducing time and resources required for at-border traveler processing.

Enables the conduct of pre-departure risk assessment and threat detection to enhance security.

Supports international aviation standards and best practices for passenger data exchange and compliance.

For the officers responsible for monitoring flights and their passengers, the APIS provides alerts and details of possible risks among travel passengers, checking API against local databases of wanted persons, Interpol databases.

For thesystem administrators,APIS Manager provides functionalities related toadministering the APIS global platform. The APIS Manager enables the loading and processing ofairlinedata, displays audit and airline logs as well as reports, and provides a listing of certificationof conformation and schedule in addition to the data of compliance

Designed for the transport company, the gateway provides additionaloption foruploadingtransportation means manifests by authorized users.The Gateway hasautomatic andannualupload capabilities.

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